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The Creative Revolution

It's okay to make mistakes. Mess up. Make a mess. Shoot and miss. Shoot again and miss again. It's alright to not get it the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time. Mistakes are an integral part of learning and creating, and students with the freedom to make them have the space they need to be creative.

3 tried-and-true ways to make your learning space your own

Earn your diploma online in your happy place

Maybe you chose online high school for the convenience of studying at work or at home, but if you're like many online high school students, you enjoy a lot of leniency where workspace is concerned. From the dining room table of your parents house to the backseat of a camper with wifi, you've got your pick of hotspots and wifi locales.

Where you study is important

3 Time Management Apps for Online High School Students

We put in our due diligence and sought out the perfect trifecta of apps for online high school students. These apps are free, accessible and complement online learning. They're so good at what they do we’re using them to create this article. We’ve marked the task on Todoist, we’re drafting on Evernote and we’re logging the time on Toggl.

March Madness!

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Shedding Light on More Myths on Online Learning

We have already covered some of the common misconceptions regarding online high schools. Alas, there are still more! We would hate for you to miss out on the advantages that an online high school can offer just because of unfounded misconceptions. We believe that the best way to fight misinformation is with information. So here are some more myths we will throw some light on.

Setting Online Learning Myths Straight

There are a lot of misconceptions and apprehensions surrounding online schools and online learning. Much of this is actually grounded on the fear of what is unknown. You may have heard from the friend of a brother’s neighbor about how he has been victimized by a diploma mill. You may have this notion that online students don’t learn much but get to earn their high school diploma. Others may have the idea that an online school involves a lot of web-surfing.

Developing Perseverance in Your Online High School Student

“Personal grit.” “Stick-to-itiveness.” “Tenacity.” “Perseverance.” As Josh Billings so aptly put it, “Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there. “

Perseverance in Online School and For Life

Indeed, when you have decided to put your child in an online high school program, you will realize that perseverance is a vital ingredient in helping your child earn a high school diploma online. Virtual school may prove more challenging than a traditional school in that there is a lot of independence and flexibility in a virtual school. When a child does not have the perseverance to keep up with his daily coursework and in working on assignments and projects, chances are, your child will not be able to meet the requirements of a certain course.

Physical Fitness Strategies for Online High School Students

Now that summer days are waving their farewells, gone are the halcyon days at the beach or the pool. However, that does not mean that online high school students should say goodbye to outdoor activities that promote physical fitness. Even with the cooler autumn days, parents can still include plenty of physical fitness activities in the online high school program. These activities can also be transformed into fun-filled bonding moments with the family.

Independent Learning: Effective Preparation for College and a Career

An effective online high school program is one that prepares the child academically and emotionally for higher levels of achievement. That is why we at The American Academy highly encourage parents to lead and guide their children to become independent learners.

Fostering Independent Learning in Online High School Students

As one wise woman (my mother) always says, “You learn something new every day!” When you realize this truth, you are always alert and on the lookout for that “something new” that you will learn today. It may be a new word you need to look up, that article that gives tips on how to stay healthy or how to deal with difficult customers, that new method to improve your garden or add flavor to your family’s favorite dish. The important thing is to grab that opportunity to enrich one’s self – whether it is in the realm of academics, one’s personal life or career.