Online Homeschool Program for High School Students

We know families make the decision to homeschool for a variety of reasons - whether you want to make sure your child's education incorporates your beliefs and values, your child suffers from anxiety, or needs more personalized attention, we know you have a chosen this path with your child's best interest in mind. 

The American Academy acknowledges and respects the commitment you've made to be the lead teacher in your child's life. As your child grows, perhaps you're wondering how you can be the expert in Chemistry and World History and Latin? Or maybe you want to make sure your child has access to a full range of post-secondary options or the military. 

The American Academy can help. In our online homeschool program for high school students, expert teachers will evaluate assignments, provide final grades, and will be available to provide additional assistance; you can supplement the curriculum to meet your goals for your family. As a provider of an Advanced accredited high school diploma, our diplomas are recognized by employers, post-secondary institutions, and the US Military.

With our online homeschooling for high school students, you have six months from the day you register to finish your course. However, each half-credit course is designed to take only 50-60 hours. There is no minimum time limit, so you could start a course on Monday and finish by Friday!

When you have completed all assignments for your course the exam will be made available to you. You will receive a dedicated code to enter the exam and will have 90 minutes to finish. Additional instructions will be provided
to you at the time of examination.

The American Academy provides 24/7 access to online curriculum, licensed teachers, and upon completion of a course a completion certificate and access to a transcript from our accredited program. You provide the same safe, supportive environment, a computer, and an internet connection. Students work through courses at their own pace; teachers evaluate their work and provide feedback and encouragement. The American Academy will send course completion certificates upon completion of each course and will maintain an official transcript that is recognized by colleges, universities, and employers

We would be happy to speak with you to understand your child's post-secondary goals, current coursework, and discuss the best plan for next steps. Whether it's just supplementing your current curriculum or offering a full homeschool high school diploma, we can help. 

We know you are excited to start classes that's why new students can start by the next business day!

Ready to earn your high school diploma? Start Today.