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What you should know about accreditation?

The American Academy is accredited by AdvancED/Cognia. You can find their logo prominently displayed on our website and on all of course completion certificates. Each of our diplomas are embossed with the AdvancED seal which is available only to members.

The American Academy invests heavily in maintaining our accreditation. We conduct periodic reviews with our AdvancED/Cognia accreditation team as accreditation is an ongoing process and we are always seeking to improve our school's service level.

In order to earn accreditation through AdvancED/Cognia, The American Academy had to document compliance with all of their standards in areas ranging from school vision, curriculum, instruction, and school leadership, to student services, facilities and finance, and continuous improvement.

Regional accreditation is a way to validate that the credits or diploma you earn at The American Academy will be recognized (at their discretion and according to their admission policies) by schools, colleges and universities, employers, and the U.S. military.