Earn Credits or a Diploma. Anytime. Anywhere.

The American Academy offers students a wide range of high school options for completing your diploma. Whether you just need to make up a class or you want to get your full diploma through our school we have what you need, plus it’s affordable!


No matter where you are with earning your high school diploma, The American Academy is one of the most affordable options to earn an accredited diploma. Total cost is $999. There are no additional material fees.


Need to just make up one semester or maybe a full course? Then this is the perfect option for you. Our classes are either one or two semesters in duration. One semester equals 0.5 credits, while two semesters equals a full year and 1 full credit. Each class in our catalog is different, so visit that particular class to understand how many semesters it offers. One semester (0.5 credit) is $238 and two semesters (1 credit) is $476.