How to Find a Great Online Summer School

Posted on May 28 2020

Online summer school

What should you be looking for in an online summer school? 

First and foremost, you want a program that has the classes you actually need — and credits that will easily transfer to your school. On top of that, great online summer high school courses have the following characteristics: 

  • Flexible – Can you begin the class at any time? Can you access it anywhere you go? The word “online” doesn’t necessarily mean a summer school class is going to be adaptable to your specific needs. Do your research: If the class does not allow you to move at your own pace — faster when the content is easy to master and slower when you need more time and support — the class probably isn’t right for you.

  • Accredited — This is absolutely essential. These days, it’s easy for someone to build a website that promises fast and easy high school credit and these websites might even look like legitimate online high schools. The only online schools you should trust, though, are those that have regional accreditation. You can search for such institutions in a variety of places, such as the International Registry for Accreditation.
  • Affordable — It doesn’t do you any good to find a flexible and accredited source for online summer school classes if you can’t afford to take the classes. It’s important to remember that you are investing in your education, but credible institutions don’t have sky-high tuition, and should never have any hidden fees.   
  • Trusted — Always look for schools that have been around for a long time, served a lot of students, and work with other trusted educational institutions.

What is Summer School For? 

Online summer school isn’t just for recovering credit — although that is an important thing for many students. It is also for those who want or need to: 

  • Get ahead — Students who want to graduate early, or build room in their future class schedules to take additional electives or explore other areas of interest, can find it helpful to take online classes to earn early credit.
  • Take an elective — Is there a subject you’d like to explore that isn’t available at your school? Would you like to earn elective credit that can transfer back to your school? Online summer school can be a great option for you. Don’t be limited by your school’s course catalog – there are more opportunities out there!  
  • Improve your GPA  — Whether you’re trying to get into a competitive university or working to stay eligible for sports, online classes can be a good way to take a class. Good online classes are not “easy A” classes. However, many students find it easier to earn better marks in online courses because they can move at their own pace. 

Summer School Credit Recovery for High Schoolers 

Of course, sometimes the thing many people associate with summer school is the very thing students need. If you’ve failed a class and need to retake it for the purpose of credit recovery, an on-campus summer school might not be your only option. 

Online high school courses can offer a great opportunity to redo a class, relearn vital material, and be ready when school starts back up again in the fall.

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out The American Academy’s Summer School page. Or visit our course catalog to find the class you are interested in taking. From here, download the course syllabus to share with your guidance counselor for pre-approval. Once you have their approval, we can have you ready to start your class by the next business day!

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