Eliminate Studying Distractions

Posted on June 27 2019

A lot of students like to study while watching a show, listening to music, or sporadically messaging friends.

Most people who do this think they’re good at maintaining a balance between these things. But research shows that the people who are most confident of their multi-tasking skills are often even worse at it than people who aren’t.

It’s not easy to eliminate distractions, though. That’s why it is important to practice.

Turn all of the distractions off for five minutes -- then reward yourself. See if you can do that for five days in a row. At the end of the week, that’s 25 distraction-free minutes of studying.

Next week, try to do it for seven minutes in a row, each day. The next week, try 10. Keep practicing. If you fail, don’t fret. Just start over.  

The goal is to get to the point that you can reliably go “distraction free” for the amount of time it takes you to study each day.

You can do it!