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Complementary Resources for Online Students

For many students and families alike, online high school classes offer numerous benefits, from independence to a different learning style that’s more preferred in some cases. Online courses also come with unique resources that help encourage education and development.
At The American Academy, our online classes are designed to offer your child the kinds of resources and opportunities they need to succeed. Here are a few additional resources you may consider investing in to supplement their learning experience.

Organization Programs

High school can be a challenging and busy time for students, with a lot of time demands to balance between school, studying and various extracurricular and social activities. For some who may feel overwhelmed by the load they’re carrying, consider simple organizational tools that help keep things sane.

There are a few potential platforms available here:

• Track Class: An online platform that’s also available as a smartphone app, this is a tool with a calendar dashboard feature that allows students an easy view of upcoming activities, due dates and assignments. Students can set reminders for themselves, as well as take notes and store them.
• Canva: This is a free source for organizational charts, for students who work best visually.
• Remember the Milk: This is a reminder app that helps kids with creating multiple lists and programs. It can be synced across numerous platforms, from computer and email to the cell phone.

College Prep

A big part of high school learning is preparing for college, and you can help here as a parent. Consider online platforms like Khan Academy or College Outlook, both programs that are simple and help your student get a clearer picture of what they need to do to prepare for the next step. College Outlook, in particular, is helpful with pointing students in the right direction in terms of their interests and what kinds of degrees or career opportunities they should pursue.

Health and Fitness

Online courses have a stigma as sedentary and low-activity, but this simply isn’t true if you take the right steps. There are numerous resources out there for parents and students alike to help with staying active, from local gym memberships and club sports teams up to various advice websites and apps for parents.

For more on providing your child with the right resources, or to learn about any of our online courses, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.