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      At The American Academy, we offer a high school biology curriculum online so you can expand your knowledge anywhere, anytime. Our online biology courses for high school students and adult learners are taught by dedicated, state-licensed instructors who can enrich students’ understanding of the natural sciences. Depending on your goals, our biology courses and adults can be taken individually or as part of a full diploma program

      In this online high school biology course, students will study the ways in which ecosystems are shaped by interactions among living organisms and their physical environment. The online high school biology class will emphasize the states of change and balance that are constantly at force on the environment and will study the role humans and other organisms play in impacting those states. Units will include an exploration of the composition of organisms; the relationship between organs and organ systems; and the role of DNA in reproduction and genetic expression.

      Take online high school biology courses for credit today! Learn more about the biology classes we offer.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
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    • Category: Science

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