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      In this English 12 online course, students will read and comprehend Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. Through the reading, students will closely examine character, theme, and setting. Students will also determine the author's purpose and define the tragic hero as a literary concept. By the end of the section, students will write a literary analysis, which helps students look at small parts to prove their bigger ideas. These skills will be easily applied to any workplace or college as they give the ability to critically think, analyze what is read, and consider why people choose to act the way they do in stressful situations. In the second part of the course, students will analyze a speech given by Wes Moore, who is a famous author, speaker, White House Fellow, and Rhodes Scholar. Then, they will analyze the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American writer, speaker, and poet. They will determine an author's purpose, themes, and central ideas. They will also practice writing explanatory texts and narrative texts. In this section, students will not only deepen comprehension of complex texts and speeches, but also find their own motivations and realize the potential they truly have. Please download a copy of the syllabus for a full course description.

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