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      In this course students will make predictions and inferences, while providing textual evidence to comprehend a fictional story. Students will identify theme, point of view, and comprehend famous short stories with strong themes. Descriptive essays will be created and organization of writing will be assessed along with conventions and specific focus on a topic. The second half of the course focuses on comprehending nonfiction texts through excerpts written on Japanese internment camps. Students will utilize textual clues to make predictions on words, and identify the use of figurative language. Summarizing and finding the main idea will complement the nonfiction reading strategies provided. Students will be assessed on their ability to write an argumentative paragraph following a specific format, while drawing from persuasive techniques learned previously.

      This English 10 online course focuses on in-depth literary analysis, guiding students through modules that enhance comprehension and analytical skills. It also emphasizes techniques like making inferences and understanding organizational patterns. Students will strengthen their vocabulary, writing styles, and grammar mastery while exploring different types of literature, further enriching their understanding of diverse narratives and styles. Please download a copy of the syllabus for a full course description.

      The American Academy offers this course as part of its flexible and comprehensive curriculum. Courses can be taken individually or as part of The American Academy's online high school diploma program. For those interested in specific areas of study, individual courses are also available to cater to unique learning goals.

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