Taking a Closer Look at What Homeschooling can Give Your Children

Posted on February 01 2011

An increasing number of parents are choosing homeschooling as an alternative and viable solution to their children's educational needs. The public school and private school system are excellent educational institutions. The question is, why do some parents still turn to homeschooling?

Here are some of the reasons why an increasing number of parents are putting their children on a homeschool program:

  • Supervision and Control. The parents have direct supervision and control over what their children are studying. You can monitor the curriculum being used and how this curriculum is implemented. The advantage is that you will have a deeper knowledge of your child's progress. This is in contrast with a "conventional" school, where there are a number of students a teacher has to keep track of. Due to the limitations, the teachers can't exercise the same degree of supervision that a one-on-one teaching method will provide.
  • Flexibility. A homeschool program can allow for more schedule flexibility. You are not tied down to a number of hours a day or to specific times of the year. Parents can schedule trips during the year and transform these trips into learning experiences. Even trips to the grocery and visits to the museums and parks can be used to deepen the child's love for learning and discovery. You are not also tied down to a specific place – which is often the problem for parents who work abroad in countries that don't have ready access to the standard of education you want for your child.
  • Individualized. Each child is unique. Harnessing his own style will mean that he learns and absorbs the lessons more easily. You can focus on delivering the lessons based on your child's distinctive way of learning.
  • Closer relationships between the parent and child. They say that one way to spell LOVE is T-I-M-E. As the homeschool supervisor you give of yourself while you facilitate learning in your child. You know more about each other and you foster a closer relationship with your child.
  • Enriched learning environment. With homeschooling, the home becomes the place for learning. In this "classroom", education can come not just from textbooks and discussions but also from practical matters – such as creating a budget, baking a pie and establishing a schedule. The challenge is for you to look for innovative ways to keep the child interested and to promote a deep love for learning and discovery in your child.
  • Discuss issues as the parent sees fit. Since you will be the one teaching, key issues (such as your values and beliefs) will be handled and discussed the way you want. This is in contrast with public schools where you don't have control over how issues like sex education or religious values are taught. The child does not need to turn to teachers or classmates for these issues. With homeschooling, you can have a curriculum that matches your faith and values.
  • Freedom from bullying and peer pressure. Even though schools have taken huge strides in minimizing instances of bullying, there still are cases where your child can be a target of these practices. With homeschooling, you keep your child away from any negative influences. We must stress that this is not overprotecting. The school age is an age where the child is forming his own values system and you are actually preparing him to be stronger and stand firm with what he believes when they are old enough.
  • Less pressure for the child. Homeschooling will also work best for those who, by the nature of their job, may need to transfer from one place to another. The child is not faced with the challenge of having to adjust to a new school (on top of adjusting to a new environment!) and have to leave old friends and make new ones. Homeschooling gives your child more space to just be themselves and enjoy their childhood – which is, after all, something that only happens once.
  • A rich learning environment. Everyone can attend school. For instance, The American Academy allows anyone to take their course. Homeschooling gives those who are physically or mentally challenged a learning environment that they otherwise cannot get from normal or even special school. Also, you can readily identify your child's natural gifts and be given more time and opportunities to nurture these.
  • Safety. The child is protected in your home and you don't have to worry about how safe your child is while he is travelling to and from school. This safe environment will in turn promote a sense of confidence with your child. As he feels secure, he is more able to move forward on their own.

The American Academy offers all these benefits and more. The American Academy offers these specially designed courses with your child's individual needs in mind. These courses are readily available and your child can already start working on the courses.

On top of these, The American Academy offers are wide range of class courses that are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. This means that you have more chances of having your credits accepted in other schools.

There are professional and experienced teachers that are on hand when you have any inquiries regarding a lesson so you don't need to worry about any questions your child has that you can't handle. There are always questions people have about the benefits of homeschooling.

Indeed, the Homeschool program offers a wealth of benefits that your child can enjoy while you are ensuring that he gets the quality of education that he needs!