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Give your children an accredited education

Our program is ideal if you want to homeschool your high school-aged child. Each course is supported by licensed instructors, is self-paced and accessible online at any time day or night.

Algebra? Geometry? Chemistry? As a parent you might not feel comfortable guiding your child through the intricacies of these subjects. Or perhaps your state requires that your student be taught by a licensed instructor. At the same time you know how important math and science is in today's world, and you want to give your children a safe and supportive environment.

High school students are more independent, and seek autonomy. Your child can rely on The American Academy to provide help when it's needed, and more importantly when it's wanted. Licensed teachers monitor students' progress, grade assignments and make themselves available for online office hours. We offer fee-for-service online tutoring, available on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (we include 50 minutes of free tutoring upon enrollment).

Our Homeschool Programs

The American Academy offers homeschool programs designed for both college- and career-bound students. We also offer the ability to design your own custom program, and take individual courses, with individual courses starting as little as $109.

Individual Courses

Pick what you need from over 100 individual 9th-12th grade high school courses. $109 per 0.25 credits*.
This fee includes:

  • Access to a licensed teacher
  • 50 minutes of professional tutoring
  • Online curriculum
  • Upon completion, credit from an accredited high school
* New students also pay a one-time enrollment fee of $50. Some courses also have materials fees - please see course catalog description for more information.

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Bundled Courses

Our Math/Science and English/Social Studies course bundles are a cost-effective solution to selecting a series of courses by school year. Is teaching your children high-school level math and science a challenge? Or do you need English and Social Studies? Choose a bundle and save, and get the same features as listed in the Individual Course Section above.

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Diploma Programs

Let The American Academy be your child's entire online high school program. Pick a year, and whether your child is planning to enter a college or career track. We'll do the rest. When your child successfully completes the program they will earn credit from an accredited school.

Earn enough credits and graduate
from The American Academy with a diploma guaranteed to be recognized by colleges, employers and the U.S. military. All courses include the same features as listed in the Individual Course Section above.

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Why choose The American Academy?

You can choose from more than 230 courses in required and elective subjects. Every class is taught by a licensed teacher who is available to you during online office hours by chat or email. We offer 50 minutes of free tutoring, available on-demand when you need it. In short, we do everything possible to help you succeed!

  • Flexible: Programs start every Monday and are available 24/7/365 so your children can work at their own pace on their schedule.
  • Affordable: Programs are inexpensive and you can pay as you go.
  • Accredited: Your child's transcript and diploma will be recognized by colleges and employers worldwide.