Interested in Graduating from High School Early?

Posted on December 06 2011

You've probably spent many years of your life in school and you're no doubt, eager to graduate from high schooland move on. Though the life of a high school student can be hectic, you will make many memories and friends there and those friendships can continue even throughout your life.

But at times our lives can go in a different direction than we thought and things happen we may not have planned. You may have very valid reasons for needing or wanting to graduate from high school early. That's one of the main reasons why The American Academy was originally established.

We give you the Tools you need
We help students or even adults get the necessary high school credits so that they can graduate from high school. Whether you are a returning student or simply looking for a way to graduate early we can help. We offer all the tools you will need to learn the material and pass the tests. You will get that high school diploma in hand and at the same time, greatly improve your chances of finding your dream job.

There are so many benefits to students to graduating early from high school:

  • Move into the work force sooner
  • Give yourself the time to take a month off before college for travel.
  • Get married
  • Get on with your life

Our Counselors can help you Figure it out
In order to graduate early, you'll need to have a certain number of credits. This number can vary from one state to the next so be sure to check the requirements in your school district. There are also certain online high school classes you must take and pass in order to graduate early. At The American Academy, our counselors can help you figure this out if you need help.
Once you know exactly what classes you need to take and how many credits you require, The American Academy will help you get signed up for the classes you need. All you will need are transcripts from your old high school. If you're under a certain age, you may need parental permission. In most cases, it's pretty easy to sign up for online high school courses at our school.

Work from Home
In no time at all, you can be working from home on your computer taking those online high school courses that are required for you to graduate early. You can take your classes when it's convenient for you.
It's so important to get your high school diploma. These days, good companies are looking for the brightest and the best. They want to hire smart young people; energetic young people with at least a high school diploma. Those big companies who offer great benefits and insurance rarely hire high school drop-outs. You must at least have a high school diploma in order to compete in the workplace.
When you take online high school courses at The American Academy, you can receive an accredited diploma that is recognized by colleges. This means that if you want to go on to college for two or four years, you can. That option will always be open to you when you have a high school diploma. We are a fully accredited online high school.

Get the Job of your Dreams
The American Academy is here to make your dream of receiving a high school diploma a reality. We offer online high school courses that you can take whenever they fit into your schedule. Our online courses are economical. And your diploma will be recognized by all major colleges. So what are you waiting for? You can get on the road to that fun life and great job you've been searching for?