How Does the Homeschooling Program Work?

Posted on December 06 2011

When you homeschool your child through The American Academy, you can be sure they will get an excellent education. You can give your child the gift of a first-rate education and make sure he or she gets plenty of personal attention. Your child can receive a high school diplomafrom the comfort and safety of your home.

That’s another wonderful reason to choose The American Academy to homeschool your child. When you homeschool your child, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of learning in your own home. Imagine the benefits of being able to relax at home with your children and teach them yourself.

Your child will learn at their own pace and be taught the things that you and your family believe in while he or she earns their online high school diploma.

It Fits into Your Schedule

Your child can take online high school classes whenever it is convenient for you. That is a huge advantage when you think about it. Perhaps your work schedule makes it difficult to get up early in the morning and take your child to school. When you partner with The American Academy, you and your child will enjoy the convenience of being able to take online high school math and English when it best fits your schedule.

The American Academy is an accredited online high school that gives you all the tools you require to homeschool your child. Each course is supported by licensed instructors, is self-paced and accessible online at any time day or night.

The American Academy offers homeschool programs designed for both college- and career-bound students. As a parent, you can even design a custom program that better meets the need of your child. The American Academy Homeschool program offers bundled courses that are economical and give you everything you need to provide you child with a well-rounded education.

It’s Affordable

High school courses at The American Academy fit into your budget. Getting an online high school education can make all the difference in whether your child is prepared for the world.

The American Academy is fully accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. You will find their logo prominently displayed on the website. It is also displayed on all course completion certificates. Each diploma from The American Academy is embossed with the Northwest Accreditation Commission seal.

The American Academy believes it’s important to maintain our accreditation, so we conduct periodic reviews with our Northwest Accreditation Commission accreditation team. We comply with all standards in areas ranging from school vision, curriculum, and instruction, to student services, facilities and financing.

You can be confident knowing that your child will receive an excellent, well-rounded education when you choose to partner with The American Academy to homeschool your child.