Homeschooling Your Children

Posted on March 13 2012

More and more parents are choosing to teach their own children from home rather than send them to school nowadays.  It is nice for parents to have more say in what their children study and to have more focused attention.

Homeschool programs have changed over the years as well as the students and families who homeschool have changed.  I’m sure you knew of someone who was homeschooled as a child and they were some of the weirdest people you knew.  That’s not the case anymore.  The kids have more opportunities to develop relationships with other kids their age through joint physical education classes and other joint courses that are offered in nearly all communities.  The kids are just as “normal” as public school or private school students.

If you’re contemplating homeschooling your kids but you’re worried about how you’ll prepare them for college or careers then let The American Academy help.  The American Academy is an online high school that allows your student to take high school courses online.  They can graduate with a diploma from an accredited high school and they will be well prepared for whatever the future holds for them.

The American Academy offers different types of homeschool programs that allow to have as much teaching responsibility as you would like or none at all.

Individual Courses: Enroll in individual courses and supplement your own teaching with a course or two

Bundled Programs: Bundle together Math and Science or English and Social Studies that makes it more cost-effective for you and also take the more difficult subjects off your hands

Diploma Programs: Allows your student to take an entire year’s worth of high school credit and work towards graduating with a high school diploma that is guaranteed to be recognized by colleges and employers

Among the benefits of homeschooling your children is that you have control over what they’re taught, how much attention they receive, and how hard they are pushed.  Many of the homeschool kids who attend college are better prepared than their peers because they have studied more, been pushed deeper into the material, and have better mastery of the curriculum.

By enrolling in courses from The American Academy you won’t be responsible for teaching your student the very subjects you might have struggled with as a teenager.  Did you hate math or science in high school and cringe at the thought of having to teach those subjects to your child?  The American Academy allows you to have as much support as needed but still be able to have control over your child’s education.