"Homeschooling Works!" Here's what Moms Have to Say

Posted on January 26 2011

Ever considered homeschooling your children? It may be something that you thought about but dismissed it offhand because it looks like too much work and will require a lot of patience from the parent. Well, some moms have tried homeschooling and discovered how well it works, not just for the children, but for the whole family.

The struggle, these moms claim, is in knowing where to start.

It will help a lot to see how some moms found success in homeschooling and find out how they got started. One mom began homeschooling her child when she noticed how he was struggling in school. And indeed, with an average class size of 30, an individual who is struggling with the lessons can’t get the attention and help he needs from the teacher.

Other reasons moms had for deciding on homeschooling is the fact that parents wanted to take charge of the high school courses their children are taught, to ensure proper values and beliefs. Also, homeschooling allows parents to know and supervise the curriculum and how it's delivered. The homeschooling parent can speed up or slow the pace down, depending on the child's aptitude and interests. You get to strengthen already strong areas, while reinforcing areas where the child is weak and struggling.

Plus, homeschooling teaches both the parents and students responsibilities and foster a closeness that comes from spending more quality time with each other. As the homeschooling parent and the child spend time to get to know each other, the parent can easily recognize the child’s learning style and adjust how the lessons are delivered based on this learning style.

One mother uses day to day activities and errands (plus special trips to the park, museum or library) to cover certain topics. Done right, simple tasks can actually give the child a love for learning – that it is actually fun and not at all boring. For example, she makes use of the child’s counting, addition and multiplication skills while they’re doing the groceries. Measuring can be taken up while baking cookies. A vacation can be an opportunity to learn geography and history.

Doing homeschooling also gives more time for a more well-rounded education. The child has more time to study music and sports and these can actually be included in one’s weekly schedule. Homeschooling also does not limit socialization. In fact, a child can be exposed to a wide variety of people and will not be limited to socializing with 20 or so children of the same age as he is. The activities you build around homeschooling (going to the park, tagging along the parent at the local butcher or at the supermarket and even going on a vacation) provide plenty of opportunities for the child to relate and converse with different kinds of people.

Homeschooling does not mean that the child is locked at home all day. There are enrichment programs provided by affiliate schools to provide supplemental activities in science, the arts, music and physical education. These provide opportunities for the child to socialize. Homeschooling also gives the parent the freedom to "take a break" from the lessons, and try other activities, such as going on a bike ride.

Depending on the child's abilities, homeschooling can actually enable the child to graduate high school early, as long as he is able to finish the required curriculum.

These moms are not denying the fact that homeschooling takes a lot of work and patience. But they will also be the first ones to say that all of the effort is definitely worth it as they see their children progress not just academically but also emotionally, physically and socially.

More and more moms are discovering the benefits of homeschooling? What about you? Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? Let The American Academy help you get started!

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