Homeschooling Solutions for High School Students

Posted on December 29 2011

An unavoidable aspect to any brick and mortar high school is that it is designed to meet the needs of many individuals and therefore, by nature, can't address the specific needs of each one; teachers must teach ten or twenty students the same exact material at once. Students learning in such a situation can't receive the highest quality of education possible.

While most students spend around six hours in a traditional high school, home school students only need between one and three hours of study to accomplish the same educational goals. The shorter and more flexible hours of homeschooling, as well as the presence of family, create an optimal environment for superlative performance by students.

Three out of four home schooled high school students continue on to college; home schooled students also consistently score higher on testing that other student. However, homeschooling a high school age child is a daunting task to consider; teenagers often have a rebellious disposition which seems to clash with instruction. Add to that the struggle of teaching subjects like chemistry and twelfth grade English, and most parents will forgo the extensive benefits of homeschooling.

The American Academy is an excellent resource for parents hoping to give their children the benefits of homeschooling without many of the struggles. They offer high school credit online in over 200 subjects. In addition to individualized home school programs where the student and parents choose each class, The American Academy offers home school bundles. The bundles are grade specific, but bundled by subject, giving the flexibility of choosing a higher grade level for areas the student is more proficient in.

Online High School Math and Science

  • 9th Grade – Algebra I & Earth Systems
  • 10th Grade – Geometry & Biology
  • 11th Grade – Algebra 2 & Chemistry
  • 12th Grade – Pre-Calculus & Physics

Online High School English and History

  • 9th Grade – English 9 & World Geography
  • 10th Grade – English 10 & World Civilizations
  • 11th Grade – English 11 & U.S. History
  • 12th Grade – English 12 & U.S. Government