High School Credits Online

Posted on April 11 2012

The American Academy can give you an online high school experience like no other.  They offer many different programs to help you as a student and they are committed to helping you throughout your high school career.

Earn Your Diploma:

If you weren’t able to graduate from high school it can make your life much more difficult as may have noticed.  Times are tough these days and the unemployment rate is very high which makes it even harder to get a job even if you have an impressive resume.  By not having completed high school you start the process off with a pretty big disadvantage.  You might not even “qualify” for many jobs.  Don’t make life more difficult for yourself.  Earn your high school diploma online at The American Academy.  They make it easy to earn your diploma which will open up many doors to you and your family.  You’ll unlock job opportunities and higher salaries.  The diploma that you will earn at The American Academy is much different than a GED as well.  Since The American Academy is an accredited high school you will actually earn a high school diploma that will be accepted by colleges and employers.

Earn Credits:

The American Academy allows you the chance to take high school credits ahead of schedule or behind schedule.  It doesn’t matter if you’re making up credits because you failed a course or are starting school again or if you’re doing extra work to try and get ahead of schedule in order to graduate early.  By completing the courses through The American Academy you will give yourself a great advantage since you can do the course at your pace and on your own time. You don’t have to go to summer school or sit in a classroom all day, instead you can work, play, go on vacations, be in clubs or on sports teams and keep doing school at your own pace and at times that are convenient for you.  The American Academy also allows you to graduate early and move on to your college career or you can also take courses that are not offered at your local high school.


More and more families are deciding to home school their children and The American Academy makes this a whole lot easier for parents.  A lot of parents teach their children themselves through elementary school and middle school but once their kids get to the more advanced high school courses that are taken during high school a lot of parents don’t feel comfortable teaching their children anymore.  By enrolling your student in The American Academy we can solve that problem for you.  You can continue to homeschool your student but also have the help that you need because each course that is offered at The American Academy is supported by licensed teachers.  These teachers will monitor your student’s grades and progress and will be available through online office hours.

The American Academy has a variety of programs and they will help tailor one to your wants or needs.  They will also help you further your educational experience and prepare you for your career or for further education.