Boston Globe Article Cites Popularity of Online High School Courses

Posted on December 06 2011

A recent article in the Boston Globe claims that more and more students are opting to take online high school courses. One student mentioned in the article says that he wanted to take creative writing in his final year of high school but in order to get the necessary credits he was forced to take Latin.

Instead of missing out on the writing class, the student signed up at a Massachusetts based virtual high school for his creative writing class. He says that he was very pleased with the results. He got a great teacher who gave him positive critique of his work. The student says that he enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to friends. During his online writing course, he also met and made friends with students all over the nation and even one in Brazil. He says it was a true learning experience.

The Boston Globe article goes on to say that today’s educational leaders understand the need to offer more choices to students and their families. According to a recent study, by 2014, about 10% of all high school courses will be taken online. By the year 2019, that number will rise to a whopping 50%. According to the educational technology consultant website, Ambient Learning, 2 million American high school students are already learning online and that number could easily jump to 10 million by 2014.

The American Academy offers students everywhere the unique opportunity to take high school courses online. Whether a student wants to get some additional credits before graduation, or they may simply have their heart set on taking a creative writing class that won’t fit into their regular curriculum, online learning is here to stay.

Sometimes in life, things happen that we don’t plan. Parents’ divorce or move away to other states; serious illnesses occur within the immediate family.

The American Academy was established in 2007 to help students of all ages take the high school courses they want and need in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

With The American Academy, you perform your course work when it best fits into your schedule. Move along at your own pace. Some students learn much quicker than others. Plus you can get help from licensed instructors when you need it.

Fully Accredited School
At The American Academy, our high school diploma is recognized by colleges and trade schools. Once you are prepared to move to a higher education program, your transfer will be a snap. The American Academy is a fully accredited online high school.