Economics — SOC411


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      This online high school Economics course is focused on students learning how to identify factors that drive economic decisions, analyze economic choices, understand the differences between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and identify the types of economic systems. Students taking this high school economics course will learn about types of market structures, how Supply and Demand interact, and analyze productivity and standards of living, along with the balance between management and labor. Students examine government revenue, spending, and taxation. They analyze globalization, the global economy, and then look more closely at personal finance. Students identify how banks, the Federal Reserve, and the FDIC function, and they learn how data is collected to determine how to analyze the economy. Inflation, revenue, taxes, and other economic issues are explored. We offer high school economics online either as individual classes or as part of our complete diploma program. Either way, taking high school economics online through The American Academy provides students with the foundation they need to go farther in their studies. Please download a copy of the syllabus for a full course description.

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