Environmental Science - SCI213


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      Currently the Environmental Science course will BEGIN ON 7/1/2024. If you purchase this course today you will gain access to start the course on 7/1/2024. On or after 7/1/2024 Environmental Science will return to a rolling enrollment which includes start dates of every business day.  If you have any questions please call us!

      In this course, students will explore many environmental concepts, including environmental systems, natural and man-made events, and the role of legislation in protecting the environment. The second semester of the course dives further into the various aspects of environmental protection. The course touches upon some of the key areas, such as environmental changes, pollution, conservation, habitat restoration, and the legal practices related to environmental protection and promotion. Students will learn the serious and delicate topics of environmental science using interesting methodologies.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
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    • Category: Science

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