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      In this course, students take their knowledge and appreciation of Latin to the next level. Students read some of the best Latin prose and poetry ever written or spoken. Caesar tells how he conquered the three parts of Gaul. Cicero reminds Romans of the virtues that made their country great. Catullus shows how he could express the deepest human emotions in just a few, well-chosen words. In Latin III, students visit the library of great authors. The library card gives them access to the timeless words of the greatest Roman poets, storytellers, and orators. Students’ skills with the Latin language give them direct access to the beauty and power of these great authors’ thoughts. The purpose of this course is to strengthen students’ Latin vocabulary as well as their appreciation for well-crafted writing. Students go directly to the source and recognize why Latin and those who spoke it are still relevant today.

      For a full course description, please download a copy of the syllabus.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
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