Mythology & Folklore - ENG415


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      In this course, students will study and compare all types of stories from classical myths, including stories of Zeus and the Titans, to folktales like Little Red Riding Hood, and fairy tales like Cinderella. They will be able to identify characteristics, types, and purposes of myths, folklore, folktales, and fairy tales. They will go beyond the stories and look at the structure, purpose, longevity, and impact. Students will examine the human need for both heroes and monsters and be able to connect those heroes and monsters to the human need to overcome difficulties. They will read and analyze hero stories in order to determine the stages of the hero’s journey and the characteristics of the hero. They will also look at the social aspects of using stories as lessons to our children and for all people. Finally, they will look at our modern stories in order to compare them to the stories of our past. Throughout the course, through reading texts, research, and writing assignments, students will make personal connections to the stories read in this course.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
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