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The American Academy has a zero tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. 

Cheating (giving or receiving information) and plagiarism on class work and/or exams will result in a zero grade for the assignment. Students will not have the opportunity to complete an additional assignment to make up lost points. Additional disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the principal. 

Use of Technology Policy
:  The American Academy has a Privacy Policy that describes our approach to protecting your personal information and what your responsibilities are. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information. Students working from the computer lab of their resident school must comply with all of the lab rules and regulations regarding the use of technology and programs. 

Email Policy
:  Each student needs a reliable email address for communication. Students agree to notify The American Academy within 2 business days of any changes to the email address. 

As a student of The American Academy, I understand that I am responsible for: 

• Asking questions about the course content or assignment instructions as soon as I have them. 
• Completing my assignments on time. 
• Doing my own work. 
• Not sharing my work with others. 
• Treating all students, teachers, and staff with respect. 

Student Handbook: The American Academy Student Handbook is the primary resource for academic policies and procedures, academic and student resources, and financial services policies for TAA students.
Individual Course Handbook  |  Diploma Student Handbook

In addition, I have read and understand Academic Honesty, Use of Technology, Email Policies and Student Handbook above and agree to abide by them.