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Earn your diploma with The American Academy.

Invest in your future today. Enjoy the rewards forever.

Frustrated with the lack of opportunities on the job market and continuing education? If you have put off the journey to high school graduation, you have come to the right place. The American Academy is your second chance at finally earning your high school diploma.

100% ONLINE.

With the adult students in mind, our program is flexible and done 100% online, which means you can still have time for family obligations and for gaining real-world experience.


You can choose from over 100 courses. Everything is taught by licensed, passionate, and dedicated teachers available to you during office hours.


We are not a diploma mill that will only take your money and give you a useless piece of paper in return. We are an AdvancED accredited online school, which means we have gone through thorough reviews and can provide a level of education equal to that of a traditional high school.

Best of all, the diploma you earn here will be recognized by schools and employers.


Working without a high school diploma may prove financially challenging, but we offer tuition that fits your budget now so you can earn more later.

Be qualified for a greater number of jobs, be fit for more workplace promotions, and have the satisfaction of knowing you completed a worthwhile goal. Enroll at The American Academy today and earn your high school diploma online.

More than a GED

Did you know that a GED is not the same as a diploma from an accredited high school? If you're considering a GED, you should read this.

Why choose The American Academy?

You can choose from more than 100 courses in required and elective subjects. Every class is taught by a licensed teacher who is available to you during online office hours by chat or email. In short-we do everything possible to help you succeed!

  • Flexible: Classes start every Monday and are available 24/7/365 so you can work at your own pace on your schedule.
  • Affordable: Courses are inexpensive and you can pay as you go.
  • Accredited: Your diploma will be recognized by colleges and employers worldwide.

Important: All online schools are NOT created equal. Before you spend your time and money on a virtual high school, make sure it's a legitimate, accredited program! You might want to read this.

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