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Course Catalog

All courses include any necessary materials, and are priced as follows:

1 Quarter Credit
1 Semester(2 Quarter Credits = 0.5 Credits)
(see updated pricing below)
1 Full Year(4 Quarter Credits = 1 Full Credit)
(see updated pricing below)

The American Academy also charges a one-time $50.00 enrollment fee the first time you sign up for a class.


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Course Name Subject Area Number
Art Foundations Art ART110
Digital Photography Art ART211
Music Appreciation Art ART250
Art in World Cultures Art ART300
Introduction to Law Career/Tech BUS/LAW112
Career Exploration Career/Tech BUS110
Introduction to Business Career/Tech BUS112
Business Information Systems Career/Tech BUS113
Business Communication Career/Tech BUS211
Administrative Duties and Office Management Career/Tech BUS214
Issues and Ethics in Business Career/Tech BUS311-BUS
Business Law Career/Tech BUS312
International Business Career/Tech BUS315
Teen Living Career/Tech COS110
Child Development Career/Tech COS211
Adult Roles and Responsibilities Career/Tech COS410
Principles of Marketing Career/Tech MKT110
Introduction to Social Media Career/Tech MKT111
Sports and Entertainment Marketing Career/Tech MKT210
Introduction to Sociology Career/Tech SOC112
Personal Psychology Career/Tech SOC212
Social Problems Career/Tech SOC213
Portfolio Project Career/Tech TAA410
Digital Literacy Career/Tech TCH300
Navajo Language Chief Manuelito Scholarship Courses NAV110
Navajo Government Chief Manuelito Scholarship Courses NAV111
College Readiness Electives SKL110
English 9 English ENG110
English 10 English ENG210
English 11 English ENG310
English 12 English ENG410
Journalism English ENG411
Public Speaking English ENG413
Creative Writing I English ENG414
Mythology and Folklore English ENG415
Financial Math Financial Literacy MAT300
Fitness for Life Health & PE HPE110
Health Health & PE HPE111
Medical Terminology Health & PE HPE311
Introduction to Medical Assisting Health & PE HPE312
Health Science Health & PE HPE313
Health, Safety and Nutrition Health & PE HPE314
Anatomy & Physiology and Human Disease Health & PE HPE320
Accounting I Math BUS215
Pre-Algebra Math MAT100
Algebra 1 Math MAT110
Geometry Math MAT210
Financial Math Math MAT300
Algebra II Math MAT310
Pre-Calculus Math MAT410
Calculus Math MAT420
Statistics Math MAT430
Great Minds in Science Science SCI100
Earth Science Science SCI110
Physical Science Science SCI120
Biology Science SCI210
Environmental Science Science SCI213
Marine Science Science SCI214
Chemistry Science SCI310
Astronomy Science SCI311
Physics Science SCI410
Research Methods Science SCI411
World Geography Social Studies SOC110
World Civilizations Social Studies SOC210
U.S. History Social Studies SOC310
Psychology Social Studies SOC311
Current World Issues Social Studies SOC313
U.S. Government Social Studies SOC410
Economics Social Studies SOC411
Latin I World Languages LAT110
Latin II World Languages LAT210
Latin III World Languages LAT310
Spanish I World Languages SPN110
Spanish II World Languages SPN210