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      In this course, students will explore geometry through inductive and deductive processes, technology, constructions, manipulatives, and algebraic connections. The main goal of geometry is for students to develop the structure of Euclidean geometry logically and apply the resulting theorems, proofs, and formulas to address meaningful problems. Students will use experimentation and inductive reasoning to construct geometric concepts, discover geometric relationships, and formulate conjectures. Students will employ deductive logic to construct formal logical arguments and proofs. Students will extend their pre-existing experiences with algebra and geometry to trigonometry and coordinate geometry. They will investigate and explore mathematical ideas and relationships and develop multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations. Students will apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to life’s experiences. Please download a copy of the syllabus for a full course description.

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      Students will be able to take our high school geometry online course either individually or as part of our larger high school diploma program. Click here to learn more about our range of courses.



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    • Semester: Semester 1
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