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      In this first semester Financial Math course online, students will learn how to calculate whether they have enough money to purchase something, how to calculate sales prices and add sales tax. They will learn the different types of taxes citizens pay and how to fill out a tax form. Students will be able to describe how a budget works and how to create a balanced budget. In addition, students will learn how financial institutions work, types of bank accounts, and how to work with interest rates. Credit, debt, and credit cards will be covered, and students will learn about the risks of using credit, along with identity theft. Finally, banking tools and apps will be explored in the Financial Math course online to help students manage their finances. Please download a copy of the syllabus for a full course description. Students can choose to take one or more classes or complete a full diploma program at The American Academy.

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      If you'd like to learn more about this high school Financial Math class or provide a copy of the syllabus to your school counselor to ensure you are taking the right course, please fill out the form below to begin the download.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
    • SKU: MAT300-5
    • Category: Math

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