Digital Literacy (IC3 Certification) - TCH300


  • Course Description

      This Digital Literacy course introduces students to computing fundamentals. Students will learn how a computer works, including operating systems, storage, and software. Basic applications are covered, and students learn the fundamentals of word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, presentations, and multimedia skills. In addition the course covers the Internet, networking and communications. Students will learn the basics of telecommunications, understanding how networks work, the history and operation of the internet. Internet research and reliable sources, professional & personal email and messaging communication, social networking, and internet security are also covered. Students will learn to use the internet responsibly and effectively in this course. This course will prepare students to take the assessment called IC3. Passing this assessment earns students a nationally recognized certification in Digital Literacy, which they can use in job searches and applications for higher education.

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    • Semester: Semester 1
    • SKU: TCH300-5
    • Category: Career Tech

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