Why is a High School Diploma Important?

Posted on September 30 2021

Why is a High School Diploma Important?

Your dreams for your future didn’t die when you dropped out of high school

It’s not that you didn’t see the value of a high school diploma before now—it’s just that other things took priority. Maybe you had to work full time to support your family. Maybe you experienced a trauma that made focusing on school impossible. Maybe you started a family that needed your undivided attention. A four-year path to high school graduation between the ages of 14 and 18 doesn’t work for everyone.

The fact that you haven’t earned your high school diploma shouldn’t define you. After all, we all know that sometimes life is complicated, and continuing your high school education as a teenager simply wasn’t possible.

Now that you’re out in the world, you may be starting to realize that getting your high school diploma is important because there are things you want to accomplish, and your diploma is the key to unlocking some doors for you.

It isn’t too late.

So, how can getting your high school diploma benefit you now?

Getting your high school diploma could be the difference between you and a coworker getting that promotion. Getting your diploma benefits you by letting you get that promotion you’ve been wanting, or by allowing you to apply for tech school so you can further your career.

There are 7 important reasons why getting your high school diploma is important.

  1. You can earn about $1600 more per month with a diploma than without one
  2. Think about that for a moment. Let’s say a minimum wage job is $15 an hour, for maybe 32 hours a week. Thirty-six hours a week if you’re lucky. That means you’re earning a little over $2000 a month, but you’re taking home less than that after they take out taxes. So, maybe you’re seeing $1600 a month now. You may need to have a second job in this case. If you earned $1600 a month more at one job, you could nearly double the amount you’re bringing home, work fewer hours, and not have to work a second job.

  3. You will qualify for more, better quality jobs
  4. A lot of jobs you can get without a high school diploma are physically demanding, low-paying, and don’t offer much in the way of good hours. In fact, many people without high school diplomas in today’s economy are working more than one job in order to make ends meet, which means working evenings, overnight hours, weekends, or some combination of the above.

    And working multiple jobs almost certainly entails working more than 40 hours a week. Working these kinds of hours makes it hard to plan family activities and sometimes means not seeing your family as much as you would like to. Having your high school diploma can mean working a less strenuous job with hours that are more desirable for you and your family.

  5. You could qualify for better promotions — more often than you will without one
  6. If you are working with people who have more education than you have, more than likely, they will be considered first for promotions. Why is this? Does this mean that their work is better than yours is? Well, there are a couple of possible reasons.

    First, your company may have policies in place that require them to consider people with more education before workers with less education. Second, your high school diploma sends a message to your employer that you have finished something challenging and have already been successful, showing them you’re likely to succeed again. Without a high school diploma, you may have to work harder to show your skills and abilities than if you have one.

  7. You’re more likely to get a job with employer-sponsored health insurance.
  8. Although some people qualify for medicaid, you are going to receive higher quality health care if you have insurance that your employer pays for. You are going to be able to see a doctor before a health problem happens, so you can prevent things like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and different types of cancers. This improves your health and your ability to live a full life.

  9. You’re more likely to continue your education, which can lead to even better jobs, a higher salary, and better promotions
  10. If you earn your high school diploma, you’ll be able to apply to college and training programs. Your high school diploma shows that you have the skills you need to succeed at more specialized training, which lets you have more choices of jobs to apply for.

    If you are working in a veterinary clinic, getting your high school diploma could open the door for you to become a veterinary technician or a veterinarian. No matter what your dream is, whether you want to become a teacher, a doctor, a dental assistant, or an entrepreneur, you’ll need to earn your high school diploma before you can obtain the education or certification you need to get hired.

  11. You’ll be a positive role model for your children
  12. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we want something until we have kids. When you have kids, getting your high school diploma shows your kids you can set goals and accomplish them. You show them they can succeed in life too. If you earn your diploma, your children are more likely to see the value of their own high school education and want to earn their own diplomas.

  13. You will have access to a higher quality of life
  14. All the things in this list add up to a higher quality of life for you and your family. Increased salary means you can buy better quality foods, get another car or a better car, and take your family on a vacation. You have more choices. Having health insurance means you’re healthier and can enjoy life more fully. Having a better job means your boss treats you with more respect, and you work hours that allow you to see your family and plan activities.

And now, getting your high school diploma in the time and place that are best for you is easier than ever

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