What Classes You Need to Graduate High School

Posted on December 29 2011

Graduating high school can be an arduous task. The American Academy is here to help you succeed with ease. There are many classes required to graduate high school. Every state has different requirements as far as courses needed to graduate high school. However, if you want to go to college after high school, more than the state minimums should be taken. In California, the minimum requirements are three courses in English, two courses in mathematics, two courses in science, three courses in social studies, one course in visual/performing arts or foreign language, and two courses in physical education. Check with your state’s board of education for their requirements before enrolling at The American Academy.

The American Academy has an in-depth course catalog, with over 100 classes available. It has classes typically required by state high school requirements such as English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages. In addition, it has an extensive array of classes not typically seen in regular schools such as sports marketing and interior design. The American Academy also provides physical education course in its online high school. You can earn your entire high school diploma online at The American Academy without setting foot into an actual high school location.

To graduate high school from the American Academy, 20 credits are required. Students anticipating attending college in the future should take at least 23 credits. Credits are required as follows:  3 in English Language Arts, 2 in Mathematics, 2 in Science, 2.5 in Social Studies, 2 in Health & P.E., 1 in the Arts, 1 in Career and Technical Education, 0.5 in Educational Technology, 0.5 in Financial Math, and 5.5 in Electives. This totals the minimum of 20 credits. Each credit costs only $436. That’s only $109 per quarter credit course! Certain classes are required to help you meet both national and state requirements with your high school diploma.

Courses at The American Academy start each Monday and are designed to take between 25-30 hours of work. You could complete a course as quickly as in one week; there are no minimum time requirements. Or take up to six months to complete a course if you wish. Courses are taught by licensed teachers who are available during office hours through e-mail or chat. In addition, The American Academy offers 50 minutes of free tutoring, available whenever you need it.

Even if you have no high school credits yet, you could complete your high school diploma in about three years with only two hours of work daily. If you spent eight hours a day on schoolwork, you could finish in as little as eight months. Classes are available online any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Make up credits to complete your high school diploma, or earn your entire diploma online.

The American Academy is an accredited online high school that can provide you with all of the classes you need to meet graduation requirements for your state. In addition, you can take unique classes not available at other schools. Finally, The American Academy can help you graduate in less time than at other schools, in as little as eight months even without any previous high school credits.