Three Good Reasons to Choose The American Academy

Posted on December 06 2011

While there are many great reasons to choose The American Academy to take those high school courses, you need, there are 3 in particular that are a bit out of the ordinary. Normally, kids and young adults take online high school classes to get a few credits they need in order to graduate. At times, they take virtual high school classes in order to keep from taking summer school. But there are three unique reasons why the students below decided on The American Academy.

Horse Shows
The first great reason has to do with a girl named Emily who travels all around the United States showing horses. Emily is only 14 years old and she would not be able to travel with the horse shows if it weren’t for The American Academy. Being able to take her high school English, math and other subjects online makes it easy for Emily to travel and follow her dream, while still receiving an excellent education.

The Olympics
Calais works hard every day preparing herself for Olympic competition. She travels around a lot competing and also works with her trainer 4 to 6 hours per day. Calais would not be able to participate in such a rigorous practice routine and even travel to shows for competitions, if it were not for The American Academy. She enjoys being able to get her schooling when it’s most convenient for her. She can study when it fits into her schedule.

Serious Illness
Tyler was only 14 when he first got sick. He was in and out of the hospital and doctor’s offices for months. He missed so much school that he failed his sophomore year of high school. His family heard about The American Academy and checked it out. After enrolling Tyler in their homeschool program, his parents were able to help him get caught up with the high school courses he had failed.

Tyler completed his high school education at The American Academy and even graduated one year early. Because of a life-threatening illness, Tyler would never have been able to graduate high schoolif it had not been for online high school curriculum offered by the The American Academy.

These are just three of the amazing stories from students who have attended The American Academy. They represent the thousands of kids each year who, for whatever reason, find that online education works best for them. Established in 2007, The American Academy is filling an important need with student both young and old.

The American Academy is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, a Recognized Accrediting Association with the U.S. Department of Education. You can be sure that you or your student will receive an excellent education and be well-prepared for the job market when you choose The American Academy. Highly trained instructors help you learn the course work so you can pass the tests and graduate, receiving your very important high school diploma.