Thinking of Graduating From High School Early? Here are Some Reasons Why

Posted on July 26 2012

Graduating from high school is one exciting landmark. It is made up of proms, pep rallies, time spent hanging out with friends, and of course, that time when your child can wear that toga. But all these may be something that some teens would rather skip to go towards an increased level of academic challenge. He may be academically gifted or just eager to move on to the next chapter.

As a parent, you may be doubtful about letting your child graduate high school early. It would be helpful to remember that many parents have decided to help their child finish high school early, and they have since enjoyed the benefits.

Here are some of the advantages they listed.

More Intellectual Challenges. If high school is no longer a challenge to your child, he may be eager to move on to college. Rather than being stifled in classes just to get the needed credit, he can earn these high school credits so that he can move on to greener intellectual pastures.

Savings. With the prices of tuition soaring, graduating from high school ahead of time will mean savings in terms of books, allowances, and of course, that valuable commodity – time. Graduating from high school early (or eventually, from college) will mean that you child can be able to enter the workforce earlier as well. There are also states and colleges that provide scholarships for those who graduate at a younger age. For example, there is the Early High School Graduation Scholarship Program offered in the state of Texas, depending on how many college-level courses taken up and how long graduation from high school takes.

Career Preparation. A teen who graduates early can have increased prospects of getting coveted job internships, especially as he equips himself with a more advanced academic track. Since he has started college a year or two earlier than his peers, he can also add on more courses to provide more training for his chosen field. This sends colleges and companies a strong message about your teen’s dedication to his studies. For students who are bent towards advancing a career in sports, getting a high school diploma earlier can be a great way to beef up one’s athletic skills and work towards getting more extra playing time at college until such time that he can play at the professional level.

Personal Sense of Achievement. Being able to get a high school diploma early can do wonders for your teen’s confidence and provide a head start for him to achieve his career and personal goals. Graduating early will mean that your teen will face the challenges of life sooner rather than later. With continued emotional support from you, you can help your child develop the emotional strength to conquer obstacles and enjoy the feeling of being able to do so. The level of work needed to earn enough credits to get that high school diploma ahead of time will help develop discipline that will also stand your teen in good stead as he works towards building a bright future.

Of course, if you are looking towards college, you must also weigh your child’s emotional readiness. Consider if your child is socially and mentally mature enough to face the challenges of college.

How The American Academy can help

One way to earn enough credits to graduate from high school early is to go the virtual high school route. The American Academy is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and offers over 100 online high school courses – from major subjects such as English and Calculus, World languages, and career preparatory courses such as Business Webpage Design, Interior Design and Advertising & Promotion. These courses offered by The American Academy are available to the student 24/7 and can be added to your teen’s standard school day.

The American Academy is here to help your child build his dreams in a way that is affordable and convenient for your teen.