The American Academy Offers a Variety of Programs to Meet your Needs

Posted on December 06 2011

The American Academy is your online high school where you can get the credits you need to graduate early from high school. You can earn your high school diploma in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience. Our qualified instructors will give you the personal attention you need to learn the course work and graduate.

At The American Academy, we offer several excellent programs to meet the needs of our students. And our students come in many age groups. Often a student has been out of school for years before they realize just how important their high school diploma is to them. We offer the amazing opportunity to go back to school, so to speak, and earn your high school degree.

Earning a high school diploma from The American Academy is easy and convenient, plus it's economical. We work with you to give you all the tools you need to go ahead and earn those high school credits and get your high school diploma. We are a fully accredited online school, receiving our accreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

The Homeschool Diploma Program
The American Academy offers several great programs to help students receive their high school diploma. One of our helpful programs is the "Homeschool Diploma Program". This program is designed for families who are homeschooling their children. Once their child reaches high school age, parents often feel they need help with their child's education.
Subjects like math and science can seem overwhelming to parents. With our homeschooling program at The American Academy, your child will receive professional teaching online from licensed instructors. Our instructors will monitor your child's progress, grade assignments and make themselves available to you during online office hours should you need to speak to them about your child's grades.

The College Prep Program
Another great program offered by The American Academy is our College Prep program. We offer college prep courses that are required by most four-year colleges and universities. These courses are designed to help you learn the subject but also the study skills you will need in order to succeed in college.Choose from over 100 online high school courses.
Earn enough credits and graduate from The American Academy with a diploma guaranteed to be recognized by colleges, employers and the U.S. military. We prepare you for a successful, happy life where you can find your dream job or attend the college of your choice.

The Career Prep Program
At The American Academy, our Career-Prep Program is designed to prepare you or your child to attend a career college. This program covers all the subjects that will be needed in order to enter a new career or technical school. We've built in opportunities for you to explore special interests and discover unique talents. You can even earn credit toward a degree at one of our partner colleges while still attending our online high school!
Let The American Academy be your child's entire online high school program. Pick a year, and whether your child is planning to enter a college or move into a career, we'll do the rest. When your child successfully completes the program they will earn credit from an accredited school.

Design your own Program
The American Academy will also allow you to design an online high school program that is custom designed to meet your needs and lifestyle. Our faculty will work with you designing a program that gives you the credits you need and works with your time frame and budget. We even offer great discounts when you bundle courses.
Our Enrollment Counselor will be happy to speak with you about designing the online high school program that's just perfect for you or your child. We'll go over all credits needed for graduation. Working with your budget and time frame, we can make sure you graduate when you need to with just the right credits.

Taking Online High School Courses Gives you Freedom
At The American Academy, our students are allowed the freedom to choose their subjects and work when they want to. Licensed teachers are there to monitor a student's progress. We even offer tutoring for those who are struggling with a particular subject. 50 minutes of free tutoring is included with your online high school program upon enrollment.
Learn how easy it is to get your high school diploma today by using one of our exclusive online programs. The American Academy is here to help you succeed.