The American Academy: Homeschooling Tomorrow's Future

Posted on June 08 2012

The American Academy offers excellent options for parents who desire to homeschool their high school children. Offering classes that are taught by licensed instructors, they provide access online via a self-paced learning program.

Sometimes parents who homeschool may not feel comfortable with all the subjects their child is required to learn. Perhaps science or math is not a parent's specialty, especially when it comes to complicated pre-calculus or chemistry. However, parents understand the importance of their children learning complicated topics and The American Academy offers the perfect solution.

Not only does The American Academy's programs offer independence and fosters learning at an individual pace, the experienced instructors also help monitor progress, grade each assignment and are available during set office hours online. They also offer online tutoring for no additional costs, striving to ensure the success of each student.

The American Academy is an online high school that offers bundled courses. This means that they offer set bundles for math and sciences, as well as English and history, all ranging from grades nine through 12. This ensures that students are at a level they are comfortable with and guarantees that students are learning the necessary courses based on their grade levels.

Individual bundled programs can be customized based on students' goals – albeit it simply to graduate from high school or pursue a collegiate academic career. The American Academy desires to prepare each student for life beyond high school and caters to meet his or her individual needs.

A high school diploma is only a step away with the proper guidance and structure offered by The American Academy. They also offer college-prep programs, career-prep programs and the ability for students to select their own highly customized programs that meets their current and future needs.

A high school diploma is no longer something employers wish an employee to have, but it is a requirement in today’s high-tech market world. Whether a student is returning for classes to finish high school or desires to graduate from high school earlier than their graduating class, The American Academy offers a number of options that are customizable and meet each student's requirements.

There is no reason to wait, learn more today by contacting The American Academy to begin building your child’s future!