The American Academy Dropout Program

Posted on December 07 2011

According to recent statistics, over 7,000 students per day drop out of high school in America. And it's a proven fact that high school dropouts greatly diminish their chances of being able to get a high-paying job. The American Academy understands how hard it can be to pass some high school courses and receive your high school diploma.

High school courses like algebra and trigonometry can be very difficult to learn. Many teenagers need extra help in certain areas. Maybe you weren't very good in high school English. That is one subject that it is important to learn and learn well. Not having good spelling and grammar skills can greatly affect your other grades. These are a few of the reasons why The American Academy created the Dropout Recovery Program.

The Dropout Recovery Program was designed for students just like you who left high school early without getting their diploma. This program reaches out to students who are beyond the help of traditional high school programs. It helps bright young students who just need a helping hand to get back into high school and get their diploma.

The American Academy for Dropout Recovery receives a list of known dropouts and at-risk students from the school districts. They send out on-the-ground mentors to provide recruiting and student support. The curriculum, instructions, materials, and laptops are provided by The American Academy. Students are allowed to complete courses online and earn their high school diploma from their local school district.

The American Academy believes it's important to give something back to the community and this is their way of helping students who may be failing in traditional high schools or already in the category of dropout, to go ahead and get their diploma so they can move on to college or into the work force better prepared to make a good, healthy living.

They offer alternatives to students who might otherwise to be left to try and earn a living in menial, low-paying jobs. This is their way of ensuring that the future generations of Americans will be well-educated and employed in a rewarding career. For more information about this excellent program, check out their website. The American Academy is committing to helping students get their high school diploma.