Student Spotlight: Janice H.

Posted on June 23 2023

Student Spotlight: Janice H.


Before her mother passed away in 2002, Janice promised her she would graduate from high school. 


Janice withdrew from high school nearly 40 years ago after the birth of her daughter. She’d already been struggling, and having a child to care for made it nearly impossible to keep up with her coursework. 


During her time away from school, Janice raised her two children and has enjoyed being a grandmother of two. She also worked as a peer counselor at a homeless shelter for a time and now describes herself as a homemaker. 


One day, Janice was searching for adult high school programs online when she found out about The American Academy. 


“Nobody was over my shoulder,” Janice said. “I could do it on my own, and if I had any questions or needed help, there was always someone I could call.”


Janice received support from her teachers and Academic Coach who monitored her pace and progress. Her coach would check in with her frequently, reminding her of upcoming assignments, celebrating her progress, and answering questions. 


“My Academic Coach always told me, ‘If I can’t help you, I’m going to find somebody to help you,’” Janice said. 


Nearly 20 years after she made a promise to her mother, Janice has earned all the credits she needs to receive her high school diploma!


“I love it! I have accomplished a goal that I’d gone out to grab,” Janice said. “I know if I try to do other things, I can achieve them too!”


Janice has referred others to The American Academy and is quick to share the biggest lessons she learned from her experience with the academy. 


“Don’t be scared to achieve your goals. If it’s out there, go get it!” Janice said. “Don’t ever let anything stop you, and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. If there’s something you don’t understand or there’s something you’re after, just ask a question.”


Now that she is a high school graduate, Janice is hoping to attend college to continue her education. She is also interested in returning to peer counseling at homeless shelters.