Shortcut to Earning High School Credits

Posted on December 29 2011

Completing high school courses is the foundation of a high school education, but brick and mortar high schools only allow students to earn a limited number of credits per semester. If a student doesn’t pass each course, there aren't many opportunities for making them up. Still other students hope to shorten the time spent in high school by taking more courses than strictly necessary. The American Academy's wide variety of online high school courses—from remedial to college preparation—can do an excellent job of preparing high school students for either college or a career. Understanding that all students are unique makes it The American Academy an excellent resource for any high school student.

Many students have hard time learning in the non-stop pace of a brick and mortar high school. Those students aren't any less smart, they just need more time to grasp aspects of some subjects; unfortunately, those students are usually forced into summer school. The American Academy's online summer school is a unique opportunity for completing summer courses without affecting the schedules and lives of the students involved.

The self-paced nature of online high school classes allow each student to spend as much—or as little—time on different aspects of each class without causing problems in schedules. The guidance of licensed teachers, available during class hours, keeps students on track. For students requiring more help, one on one tutoring is available on demand from The American Academy.

Other students find that they are wasting a lot of time in high school. They are forced to work at the pace of their peers or wait for them. The American Academy's online high school classes allow those students to complete classes—which would take months in a brick and mortar high school—in a as little as one week. The option to accelerate courses at will at The American Academy creates an excellent opportunity for advanced students to graduate from high school early.

Students simply wanting more class options than their school offers can benefit from The American Academy's online high school classes. Some unique online course options from The American Academy are success for teens, digital photography, psychology, sociology, financial math, horse management, interior design, and adult roles & responsibilities.

Earning high school credits online allows students a flexibility which brick and mortar high schools, by their very nature, can't provide. The American Academy's adaptability makes it simple for any student to earn needed and extra high school credits.