Say Bye-Bye to Internet Distractions

Posted on February 09 2013

Being on an online high school has its own challenges. With the freedom it provides its students, allowing students to work based on their own schedule and pace; it is very easy to succumb to distractions. A friend pops up in Facebook and chats for 30 minutes. An interesting article in the Internet led to more interesting articles you just can’t resist reading. Or it may be that your favorite Internet game beckoned and you just couldn’t say no. A peek at your favorite shopping website turns into hours of window shopping.

Before you know it, you have done precious little during the day towards your online high school education. And if you continue on this course, your allotted time for completing the course has been used up and you are forced to cram – pulling all-nighters to finish the coursework and submit your projects and assignments.

When you allow yourself to be distracted, chances are, you will not be able to maximize learning. Being in front of the computer provides a lot of temptation to put off your lessons for something else you can do in the Internet.

Here are some ways to help you get navigate the virtual highway and your online high school lessons without making too frequent stops in all those tempting options available in the Internet:

  • Get unplugged. With The American Academy online high school classes, you are also able to do some work offline. This may be assignments or projects you need to complete for a certain class. Once you are done with your online lessons and research, try unplugging your Wi-Fi connection. That way, it makes it harder to succumb to the temptation to make a quick stop on Facebook to tend to your “farm” is at a minimum. There are also free applications designed for those whose willpower is weaker. These apps unplug you from the Web for a set time period. Some apps also work by preventing you access to your timewasters (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at certain times of the day.
  • Take regular, scheduled breaks. Give your eyes and your mind a break from your online high school classes. When you’re on a study break, resist the temptation to go back to your computer to surf or play. This way, you keep your study hours “sacrosanct”, ensuring that your study schedule is devoted to just that. Get up and walk away from your PC during your breaks.
  • Get on “work” mode. In the previous articles, we have recommended that you set aside a corner or a space in your home for your study area. As much as possible, study and play in different directions. If you have a laptop, move to another location when you want to surf the web or play your favorite role playing game online. This way, you are conditioning your mind to be on “work” mode when you sit in your study corner.
  • Minimize IM distractions. Of course, there should be time for you to talk with your online teacher and classmates. There is value in being able to share ideas and opinions on a particular course with your online peers. This also allows you to ask questions and be guided by a certified teacher from The American Academy. However, being interrupted by instant messaging notifications can pull you out of your zone and hinder your productivity. You can set your status as “busy” so that those who are thinking of sending you an IM will think twice before they press send. The same goes for phones and tablets. You can also put these in silent mode so that you are not disturbed from time to time.
  • Set goals for the day. At the onset, be sure to set goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound). Look at your syllabus and determine the amount of work needed to complete coursework, projects and assignments. Then divide this into weekly and daily chunks of work, allotting time for unexpected events that may derail the schedule a bit. Set your daily goals and review these at the end of your school day. This will help you keep track of your day-to-day accomplishment.