Questions to Ask Before Enrolling

Posted on September 22 2017

At The American Academy, we serve students in many different situations who have many varying needs. Our online high school courses are perfect for making up missing classes, earning extra credit or spicing up your electives.

What are some of the big questions you should be asking yourself before you enter online classes for high school or summer school? Here are three big areas to consider.

Why Are You Attending?

Before you do anything else, ask yourself why you’re looking to attend high school classes online. For many students, this is because it’s the only way you can fit classes into your busy schedule. For others, it might be as a method of finishing high school early, either to move on to college credits or to begin in the workplace.

Whatever your reason, make sure you’re firm on it – and make sure it’s not something that lacks substance, such as an assumption that online classes will be easier and require less work. This is both often false and not a particularly substantive reason for making this sort of commitment.


Once you’ve committed to the online route, take the important step of researching schools like The American Academy. Ask questions about accreditation, cost, grading, classmate and teacher interaction, the kinds of classes offered and the kind of time commitment required. At The American Academy, we pride ourselves on flexibility and legitimacy within these important areas.

Honest Thinking

Think honestly about what you’re looking for in an online program, and about your potential enjoyment level. As we noted above, some people look to online courses because they just want to sit in their pajamas all day – this is fine, but know that many programs are just as detailed and rigorous as traditional high school classes. Think carefully about how you’ll budget your time, and whether the environment properly suits you.

To learn more about what to ask yourself before enrolling, or to find out about our online classes available, speak to the educators at The American Academy today.