Programs at The American Academy

Posted on December 29 2011

The American Academy provides an innovative online high school environment designed to help you achieve your learning goals, whether you are a current high school student looking to make up or accelerate courses, a high school dropout looking to earn your diploma, or an adult student who would like to finish their high school education. The American Academy is an accredited virtual high school that provides over 100 online courses in its programs. With diverse classes in world languages, mathematics, science, and many more, The American Academy is sure to provide the course offerings you need to reach your educational goals. Affordable and convenient, The American Academy provides a unique solution to meet your objectives.

The American Academy has a program in which you can earn credits, whether you need to make up credits, would like to take classes not available at your school, or would like to earn extra credits in order to graduate high school early. Classes start every week and you can work as fast or as slowly as you need. You can finish a class as quickly as in one week or you can take six months to finish a course. A full year of four quarter credit courses costs only $436, or just $109 per quarter credit. You pay as you go, so you don’t have a large financial outlay at the outset. Classes start at The American Academy every Monday and can be completed in as little as one week. Or if you would rather, take as long as six months to complete an online high school course. This program is a fantastic way to supplement your current high school education with interesting courses and earn credits in an online summer school environment. In this manner, you can retain all social ties at your current school and earn additional credits during summer or winter breaks.

You could also earn your entire high school diploma online at The American Academy. To graduate high school here, you must earn at least 20 credits over the course of your online high school education. If you anticipate going to college after high school, 23 credits is the minimum recommended program. You could complete your entire diploma much faster than you could ordinarily, with it taking only three years if you devoted two hours a day to learning, or as little as eight months if you devoted a full eight hours a day. There are no minimum time limits to complete your courses and they can be accessed at any time, 24/7/365.

Homeschooling is another great program at The American Academy. You can pick individual courses from the course catalog containing over 100 classes or choose a math and science or English and history bundle of courses and save 10%. You can save a full 20% off individual courses with the full-year college prep or career prep program. This program is good for parents who may have difficulty homeschooling their students in certain courses or for parents who just want their children taught by certified professionals at an accredited school.

With The American Academy’s diverse programs and courses, you can succeed at getting your high school diploma online. Take as few or as many courses as you like, and work at your own pace. The American Academy’s programs can help you to graduate high school early, finish your high school education, or complete your entire diploma online. With its certified teachers and easily accessible learning methods, The American Academy can help you achieve your educational goals at any age.