Pell Grants for K12?

Posted on February 11 2008

School choice could soon be a reality nation-wide if President Bush's plan to offer Pell Grants to k12 students turns into a reality.

"In his State of the Union Address, the President proposed $300 million in a Pell Grants for Kids program to help the parents of poor children in underperforming schools afford the schools of their choice.

Pell Grants for Kids will help low-income children fulfill their potential and obtain the best education possible in their communities. By implementing school choice, states will broaden the options offered to low-income children who are in failing schools. Parents will also gain more control over their children’s education."

While we wait for more news on that front, I'd like to point out in a shameless plug that The American Academy offers some of the lowest-cost courses in the industry.

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