Online High School Myths Debunked

Posted on July 26 2012

Online high schools are on the rise as an alternative towards getting a high school diploma. Not everyone has the time, resources and opportunity to go to a “conventional” high school and getting a high school diploma online has proven to be a convenient and affordable option.

However, there are some misgivings about online education, despite the growth in popularity that is now experiencing. These apprehensions are mainly brought about by confusion about how it works and misconceptions about what online education is.

Here are some popular online high school myths and the truth behind them:

Myth #1. Online schools focus only on technology.

Fact: Online schools are about content, curriculum and the effective delivery of it to its students.

Although online schools are delivered through the use of technology (mainly, the Internet), virtual high schools such as The American Academy are more about content. The concern is delivering a quality curriculum to those who may not be able to go to a “conventional” school or who prefer the comforts of their own home for their learning.

Myth #2: Online students spend all of their time in the computer.

Fact: Online students are given plenty of opportunities to explore and learn hands-on.

Online high school education is not limited to hours staring at the computer. The computer is simply a tool to help in the delivery of curriculum materials – but students get plenty of opportunities for them to learn hands-on. Their interaction goes beyond the classroom setting as they explore how lessons are lived out and applied in its actual setting since they have more freedom to arrange their preferred extracurricular activities. Also, online high schools do organize extracurricular activities and regular outings/trips for their students.

Myth #3: Online schools mean no teachers.

Fact: There are online teachers who are not only licensed but also high trained and qualified.

There is a teacher on the other end of the line! Reputable online high school programs ensure that their curriculum is delivered by a roster of highly-qualified, licensed instructors. These instructors are not only trained in their specialty subject, but in how to effectively deliver these in an online setting. There are also instances when learning is supervised by a teacher in the locality.

Myth #4: There is very little social interaction for students who do online schooling.

The fear of most parents is that their children will miss out on socialization. But rather than limit socialization to peers in the classroom setting, online schooling actually opens up opportunities for kids to interact with people of all ages, in all walks of life. The flexibility of an online program enables kids to enjoy a deeper involvement in things that interest them. These can be volunteer work, membership in a community organization, being part of a theater, athletic or arts club and other extra-curricular activities. And they do interact and socialize with peers on a regular basis.

Myth #5: Students on online high school classes have it easy.

Fact: Getting an online high school diploma also takes work.

Curriculum and performance requirements of online high schools can be just as stringent as “conventional” schooling. However, it also depends on the subjects and classes you choose. With an online curriculum, you get to choose the classes according to your criteria. You can also choose classes according to the level of difficulty that can pose a challenge for you.

Myth #6: Online high school diplomas don’t transfer to “conventional” high schools and colleges.

Fact: Credits earned via an accredited online high school can be transferrable to a “conventional” high school and accepted by colleges.

It is important to work with an online high school that is accredited, such as The American Academy, which is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

Myth #7: Online high schools are for teenagers, especially those with “issues”.

Fact: Online high school is for everyone who want to earn a high school diploma.

Yes, online high school can benefit those who, for one reason or another, dropped out of high school. But it can also be for those who are interested in pursuing their education at the comforts of their own home, where they can do coursework at their own time. It can also be for those who want to pursue advanced credits or make up on missed credits. Thus, online schools provide a venue for education or a wide group of individuals – gifted students, homeschoolers and adults.