Online Education: Benefiting today's Youth

Posted on June 02 2012

A number of different types of students can benefit from online high school programs. The American Academy specializes in providing affordable, alternative online education for teenagers.

Examples of students, who benefit from this type of learning and educational program, include:

  • Students who want to graduate sooner are able to work at their own pace and take classes as quickly as they feel comfortable.
  • Students who have dropped out of school are able to begin taking classes again – no matter what ages they are – in order to obtain a high school diploma.
  • A number of students work better independently and online course may offer the flexibility they desire for their educations.
  • Teen parents are able to work parenting schedules around online classes, affording them the opportunity to pursue a higher education in the future.
  • Some students with learning disabilities do not thrive in structured environments, and online high schools provide those suffering from learning disorders the ability to learn at their own pace.
  • Due to school budgets and such, online classes can afford a broader variety of courses and classes that may be of interest to teenagers.
  • Students that are highly motivated also benefit from learning at their own pace, and have the ability to learn at a faster pace, if they so choose.
  • The American Academy offers excellent options for homeschooled students, including advanced math, science, foreign languages, etc. – subjects that parents may not particularly feel comfortable teaching.
  • If students have busy schedules, such as students who perhaps pursue drama and performing arts, online high school education is an excellent option for them to learn at their own pace and incorporate their education into their busy schedules.
  • For students that have part-time jobs, online education is also an excellent option. It allows students the flexibility to learn valuable on-job skills while combined with finishing their high school diploma.
  • In rural areas where bus transportation has been decreased due to budget cuts, and public transportation is not readily available nearby, online education provides students with the ability to focus on their education while learning in the comfort of their own homes.
  • If a student has suffered from an extended illness, such as a communicable disease as Mononucleosis, Whooping Cough, Measles, Mumps, etc., and the school district is not able to permit them to be at school while sick due to spreading an unforeseen epidemic, online education is an excellent alternative. This enables students to work on their education from home, while not falling behind in school.