Online Class Offerings

Posted on June 02 2012

A variety of courses and class are offered online through The American Academy, an accredited online high school.

Courses and tuition are offered via quarterly credits, semesters and on full-year terms. They also offer online summer school programs designed to help students who are behind in school, enable those students who want to graduate early or even help students who simply want to expand their horizons and take a broad variety of classes.

They provide a number of vocational, educational and elective-type career choices, which range from art foundations, digital photography, music aesthetics, art history, horse management, career development, advertising and promotion, sports marketing, interior design, teen living, financial math, child development, adults roles and responsibilities, success for teens, portfolio project, computer technology, business webpage design, Navajo language, Navajo government, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, journalism, sports literature, speech and communications, fitness for life, health education, food and nutrition, food and science, pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, pre-calculus, calculus, earth systems, biology, human biology, principles of technology, chemistry, astronomy, physics, geography for life, world geography, world civilizations, U.S. history, psychology, sociology, current world issues, Washington State history, U.S. government and citizenship, economics, French I, French II, German I, Latin I, Latin II and Latin III to Spanish I.

The list of classes offered through online high school programs are numerous, and the variety will appeal to all types of students. The type of classes the students choose do not revolve around stipulated schedules due to class sizes, etc., but allow students to work from the comfort of their own home around part-time jobs, parenting a child, etc.

This type of opportunity is excellent for high school dropouts, giving them a second chance to further their education, thus opening a number of future career paths. Classes are extremely affordable and in some cases, they are subsidized. Classes are also accredited and will transfer to other educational institutions, making completing an online high school diploma either a stand-alone experience or one that lends a career path ladder to opening the doors to larger institutions, such as colleges, vocational training and universities.

The flexibility The American Academy offers allows students to continue their work and family obligations at home while working simultaneously towards a career path that will ultimately result in a better job, job security, a higher salary and a career. Students should consider completing their high school diploma to be a stepping-stone to building a better future for both themselves and their families.