Making Up Classes at The American Academy

Posted on December 29 2011

High school students can fall behind in their classes for a number of reasons. It is not always their fault. Perhaps the student is having home life, personal, or health issues that make it difficult to complete his or her coursework. High school courses may be too fast or too slow for a student’s needs. Outside interests such as volunteering or club sports may interfere with the student’s classes. It is possible that a traditional high school environment doesn’t suit the student’s learning style.

When a student falls behind in coursework, for whatever reason, it can be difficult to catch up. In addition, the student may feel discouraged by falling behind and thus fall even further behind because of their despair. At this time, a student needs extra help and guidance to be able to make up classes and graduate high school on time.

The American Academy is an online high school education option that can help students to make up individual courses they need without attending summer school. Students can attend to personal needs such as family or work obligations while taking the required missed courses online. Classes can be completed quickly; there are no minimum course time requirements at The American Academy. Classes can be completed in less than a week each as each course is designed to take between 25-30 hours of classwork. In this manner, students can make up several classes in a very short period of time. Or, if regular classes have been too fast for the student in the past, students can take up to six months to finish each course.

There is still teacher to student interaction with The American Academy, just like in traditional high schools. Each teacher is available during office hours by chat or e-mail. In addition, students can receive 50 minutes of free tutoring instruction per course. This way, the student doesn’t feel left entirely on their own to complete coursework. The American Academy is an accredited online high school, so classes transfer easily to the student’s original high school and can be used when applying to colleges.

Making up classes at The American Academy can give a student more time to pursue outside interests which may have been interfering with their involvement at a traditional high school. Since classes can be completed at any time of day, students can budget their time to allow for schoolwork and volunteering, club sports, or work. This flexibility may encourage students to complete schoolwork more readily.

After experiencing high school courses at The American Academy, a student may decide that they not only want to make up classes there, but also take additional courses not provided by his or her school or perhaps get ahead in the quest for a high school diploma. The American Academy provides all of the courses necessary to complete one’s diploma online at an affordable cost. Flexibility, convenience, and affordability are just a few of the many reasons to make The American Academy your choice for a quality online high school education.