Make High School Homeschooling a Breeze with The American Academy

Posted on January 22 2012

Many parents have chosen homeschooling as their children’s main form of education. Different families have reasons as diverse as the families themselves. Consider a family with a father in the military that typically moves from country to country. Some families travel often and need an education they can literally take with them. Your child may be a star wonder with a promising career in professional sports, performing arts or another career that requires much of your child’s time to train, tour, travel, compete or perform. Homeschooling offers these career-students the opportunity to do what they’re passionate about while getting the schooling they need. Some parents are simply dissatisfied with their children’s performance in school and prefer to have a say in exactly what their children are learning and how.

Teaching your precious babies their ABCs, 123s, primary shapes and colors, and even how to read and write is one thing, but for some parents, homeschooling at the high school level is quite another. High school level material is challenging for some parents who are intimidated by more technical and advanced subjects in which they have little or no proficiency, such as Biology or Pre-Calculus. They are not confident they can give their children the necessary support in these subjects. Still yet, homeschooling laws vary from state to state and some states require that your homeschooled children are taught by licensed instructors. Many parents choose an online high school homeschool program such as the one offered by The American Academy in order to give their children professional and trained support while still homeschooling.

Licensed teachers in The American Academy’s homeschool program do just what you expect from a traditional teacher; they supervise the progress of your child, grade their assignments, and keep online office hours. Additional tutoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a fee, and your child gets 50 minutes of free tutoring once she enrolls.Instructors are always available if your child needs or wants help.

Whether your child nurtures dreams of a career or intends to pursue a college education, The American Academy has homeschool programs tailored to both pathways. Online high school course bundles offer you the opportunity to select a bundle of preselected courses for a discounted price. For example, you can get a Math and Science course bundle or an English and Social Studies course bundle determined by school year. In math and science, aninth grader could get an Algebra 1 and Earth Systems course bundle while a 12th Grader would opt for the Pre-Calculus and Physics course bundle.

With The American Academy, you also have the ability to customize your own homeschool program, by deciding which individual courses your child will take to suit your and her needs and desires. The American Academy offers over 100 individual online high school courses to choose from a unique listing. Take your pick of diverse subjects from Navajo language, Sports Marketing, and Interior Design, to Astronomy, Principles of Technology, and Horse Management.

Whether you choose to design your own program or let The American Academy design one for you, your child will earn her high school diploma once she has earned enough credits to qualify for graduation. The American Academy is an accredited high school, accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. Students wishing to continue on to a four-year college are advised to earn 23 credits even though only 20 are required to achieve a diploma from TAA. The American Academy can advise how to divide your credit needs among subjects.

There is reportedly a rise in students opting to take online high school courses across the nation. More and more families and students are seeing the benefits of acquiring their high school education through online courses and earning their high school diplomas online.