Learn to ask for help

Posted on June 20 2019

What do you do when you come to a question you can’t answer?

For many students, the answer is “stop and wait to talk to a teacher.” And that’s not a bad answer if your teacher happens to be standing right in front of you.

But what do you do after school, on the weekends, or late at night? If you stop to wait to talk to a teacher, you might not have the answer you need to keep going until you’re already behind.

Many students feel like they can’t bother anyone other than their teachers when they struggle. But parents, siblings, relatives, friends, religious leaders, mentors and coaches can all be great resources to turn to when a teacher isn’t available.

It’s important to recognize that these people might not have the answer. But one of the amazing things about simply asking for help is that sometimes the mere act as explaining a problem opens our minds to new ways of solving the problem. Other times, the person you’re asking might see the problem in a different way that allows you to find a solution. And sometimes, even if they don’t know the answer, they can help you find a person who does know.

What’s the key? Just ask.