Is Online High School Worth It?

Posted on August 15 2023

Is Online High School Worth It?


Whether considering taking a few classes or completing your high school diploma, you may have considered the question, “Is online high school worth it?” The answer may be different for everyone, but there are several pros and cons of online schooling that you should consider.


Pros and cons of online high school

Pros of online high school

1. Flexibility

When you enroll in an online high school, one of the biggest differences from a traditional high school environment is flexibility. 

Classes are not completed on the standard Monday through Friday schedule. You can work at your own pace, allowing you time for responsibilities outside of school. This can make online courses a great option for those who need to work or have family obligations that may interfere with a traditional school schedule. 

Not only can students take control of their schedule, but online classes also allow the flexibility to control their learning environment. When you’re not going to a brick-and-mortar school, you can design your workspace to your own liking, which could be a big advantage for some students.


2. Complete high school at any age

In each state, there is a different age at which people are no longer eligible for free public education. If you have aged out of public school in your state, online school is a great option. Many online classes welcome students of all ages.


3. Early graduation

Oftentimes, online high school requirements can be fulfilled quicker than the graduation requirements at a traditional high school. For some students, finishing high school earlier enables them to enter the workforce or college on their schedule, rather than spending four years completing their high school diploma and taking the traditional route.


4. Expanded class offerings

Some students want to explore classes that will prepare them for the career or college major they’re planning to pursue after high school. However, not every school district offers enough options in its course catalog for every student to be able to explore their specific interests. 


Cons of online high school

1. More costly than some traditional school options

Depending on the school options in your area, one of the cons of online school could be that it’s more expensive than other options. However, if a student is shifting from a private school to a virtual high school, they could actually end up paying less to complete their high school diploma. In any case, the cost of the different high school options should be considered. 


2. Less social interaction

While one of the benefits of online schooling is that you’re able to complete classes from the comfort of your home, you lose out on the experience of being at school with other students. For some people, this could be a major disadvantage of online schooling. However, others may thrive without the distraction of other students during the school day. 


3. Requires a higher level of self-motivation

The increased levels of independence that you gain by enrolling in online classes and setting your own schedule can turn into an issue for some individuals. When you’re in charge of planning your own day, you have to rely on self-motivation to make sure you’re meeting deadlines and turning in your assignments on time. 

Going to school every day and having a schedule of classes you attend in classrooms can give people the structure they need to succeed if they’re someone who isn’t as motivated to set their own deadlines and get their work done while dealing with other obligations.


4. Always check accreditation

A major consideration that you should make while exploring the question, “Is online high school worth it,” is whether the institution is accredited. Prospective students must always be careful about checking that the online course they choose is accredited. When a school is accredited, it illustrates that a third-party accrediting agency has looked at the curriculum and established that the school meets a set of standards. In addition to making sure that the school is accredited, it’s also important to check that the organization issuing the accreditation is reputable. 



Online courses at The American Academy


If you’ve considered the pros and cons of online high school and decided you’re ready to start exploring online class options, The American Academy offers options for those considering individual courses and diploma programs.

When you enroll at The American Academy, you are enrolling in an accredited online high school. The American Academy is accredited by Cognia, which means that the credits or diploma you earn at The American Academy will be recognized (at their discretion and according to their admission policies) by schools, colleges and universities, employers, and the U.S. military.

Whether you need to take a few classes to catch up or get ahead, or you want to go back to school after dropping out, The American Academy has options for you. 


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