How to Get a High School Diploma

Posted on December 29 2011

While a high school diploma is an important aspect to any career, the rigid structure of a brick and mortar high school can make one nearly unattainable for many students; family, work, and illness are unavoidable and prevent many from graduating high school. Countless adults realize—only after its too late—just how important a high school diploma is. It's impossible to go back to high school at a certain age, and a GED, no matter its advantages, is not equivalent to a high school education.

An online high school diploma is an excellent alternative to a traditional high school diploma. The American Academy is a virtual high school offering online courses suitable for any student earning a diploma, including adults with families. The courses are self-paced and unscheduled, allowing students with other responsibilities to get a high school diploma on their own time. This allows students to continue to meet work and family responsibilities all while earning a high school diploma.

The American Academy's online high school programs also allow students to complete courses in as little as one week. The option to accelerate the high school education process is an excellent way for working adults to earn more income with minimal time investment. Contrarily, if a student doesn't have much free time to devote to high school courses, that student can choose to lengthen the course to as long as six months.

Students of The American Academy have countless options for customizing their online high school program; over 200 courses encompassing a diversity of subjects are offered online. The great variety of course subjects ensures all students will find great courses applicable to their lives. The self-paced nature of online high school classes allow each student to spend as much—or as little—time on different aspects of each class as needed. The guidance of licensed teachers, available during class hours, keep students on track and provide guidance in schoolwork. For students requiring more help, one on one online tutoring is available on demand from The American Academy.

Getting a high school diploma can seem like a daunting task when the rigid structure of a brick and mortar high school is taken into consideration. Family, work, and other responsibilities are huge obstacles for many people hoping to graduate from high school. While traditional high school may be impossible and a GED is usually insufficient, an online high school diploma from The American Academy is a flexible and affordable option for anyone.